Are you passionate about horror? Do you have a column that you’d love to publish about your favorite horror franchise? Do you want to analyze a final girl? Well, we’re looking for people to write for DIS/MEMBER, and we’d love you to write with us!

Who are we? We’re DIS/MEMBER! DIS/MEMBER is an up and coming site that’s passionate about everything within the horror genre. We’re looking for enthusiastic and fantastic people to join our little horror family!

We’re looking for a little bit of everything, so please don’t be shy and pitch anything you’d like to us in your wheelhouse. Are you a genre expert? Do you have a different perspective about a slasher that no one else has? Do you have an overwhelming opinion you need to get out? Let us know! We’re currently seeking a couple of positions, but can be flexible to fit your writing needs and wants!


  • CONTRIBUTORS (Reviews, Retrospectives, Lists)
    • Regular writers who contribute AT LEAST 2-4 articles, reviews, or lists a month.
    • Guest contributors write AT LEAST 1-2 articles, reviews, lists, etc., a month.
    • News writers contribute daily and contribute breaking news for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday releases. 2-4 news articles week.
    • Flexible to both Contributors and Guest Contributors, depending on the column pitched to the editors.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to pay our contributors at this time. BUT don’t you worry! We will be working on that in the future, promise. In the meantime, we’re giving our contributors access to screeners, review copies, and anything else we’re able to provide. Please fill out this form to get started on your dis/membership, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.