We can all agree that one of the highlights of the nightmare year that was 2018’s was Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House. Chocked to the brim with supernatural angst, genuine scares, and achingly real family drama, it felt like even people that “hate” horror were carving out a weekend for the thing and then telling us converts how AMAHZING it was.

Well, prepare another weekend, ghouls because The Haunting is returning with an all-new setting and all new, surely, heart-wrenching emotion! Deadline and multiple other sources reported today that the series would return, once again under the stewardship of Mike Flanagan (who also has an adaptation of Stevie King’s Doctor Sleep on deck for us) Trevor Macy. But not only is it coming back, it’s also switching to the anthology format. The show is moving to the infamously goth Bly Manor, setting of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw! A fun little ditty about orphans in a creepy country house that has been made into various movies and TV miniseries.

Real talk? Super fucking into this. Flanagan is quickly becoming one of my new favorite horror directors and S1 was truly outstanding from top to bottom. This format works just fine for me (as I’m sure it will you). Also, we did just lose the best horror anthology series on TV, Channel Zero (now on Shudder). It’s nice to see The Haunting rising up to fill the horror anthology power vacuum. Though I have heard that Hulu’s Into The Dark thing is quite good. But we want to hear from you! Are you jazzed about this? What other spooky houses should they go to in S3? What was your favorite moment of S1 and why is it the Bent-Neck Lady reveal? Let us know in the comments below.