With Halloween coming up, it sucks that we’ll have to stay inside for this spooky season because, ya know, the pandemic is still happening. However, there are some spooky events that you can attend safely online!
That’s where Panic Fest comes in! With the combined powers of Downright Creepy and Screenland Theaters, they bring us the special event, TRICKS AND TREATS! This three-day event will provide the shock, thrills, and chills that you’d experience on Halloween but inside the comforts of your own home.
We’re definitely participating in the event at DIS/MEMBER! If you’re interested in participating or learning more about the event, check out the full press release below with links for the event and a little bit about the wonderful people who created it. See you there!

Kansas City, MO — September 8, 2020 — Trick or Treaters. Candy bingeing. Horror marathons. Pumpkin carving. Costume contests.
Even though this Halloween turned out to be more gnarly than Regan projectile vomiting green pea soup – that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the best time of the year together! Panic Fest won’t let Halloween die! Panic Fest Presents: TRICKS AND TREATS, a special virtual Halloween celebration that runs October 30 thru November 1st.
Every year we look forward to these traditions, but with the pandemic, they are in real jeopardy of not existing this year. Fear not, Panic Fest is here to satisfy your horror appetite.
The three-day event features new and classic films, shorts, live events including horror-themed trivia, live podcasts, special guests, and more. Best of all, you, the horror community, get to participate with each other throughout the weekend. Hell, we even have a ‘Best in Show’ style pumpkin carving contest.
So, grab your costume and bowl of candy and join us for a jam-packed weekend celebrating our favorite time of year. Tickets are now on sale with full programming coming in October. 
Have a feature or short? Submissions are open: https://filmfreeway.com/TricksTreats
Tickets on sale now: https://panicfilmfest.com/tricks

Panic Fest enters it’s 9th year and has been recognized for three years running as one of the top 25 best genre festivals in the world by MovieMaker Magazine. Panic Fest is scheduled to take place Jan. 29th – Feb. 4th 2021.


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