The Marvel “What If?” comics always fascinated me. Standing as the first AUs, these sporadic one-shots would always posit a world in which Marvel canon was irreparably changed. Either by some kind of freak variance or “What If?” scenario in which something we knew as “history” had wildly changed. And now, a new report says Disney and Marvel might be bringing the “What Ifs” to your living room.

The A.V. Club reported, working from an initial report from /Film, that MCU mastermind Kevin Feige is looking to “What If?” the MCU in an animated series that would put Marvel Studios canon on it’s ear. Better yet, the report says that the decision to make it animated was in order to “potentially” be able to bring back MCU mainstays to voice their AU counterparts.

All of this is unconfirmed obviously, hence the great, bloody [Rumor] tag on this, but I could totally get behind this! I think the MCU has been around long enough that mucking about with it could have some legs, AND the “What If?” line is always a good time no matter the era, so yeah I would totally be down for this.

But what about you all? Would this be worth a Disney+ subscription? What would be an MCU “What If?” you would like to see? Discuss with us in the comments below. Until then, enjoy a mini-gallery of my personal favorite “What If?” tales. I’ll be seeing you.