Rising from Development Hell, the first CRAWL trailer chomps and impresses! Maybe it will end up being a let down, but this is a really fun trailer.

Crawl was always a movie that sounded more like a great pitch and less like an actual movie. As it languished in development hell, despite having the power of both Sam Raimi AND Alexandre Aja behind it, it would often pop up every few months in trades but then quickly fizzle out.

But now, in the Year of Our Old One Twenty and Nineteen, we have a full on trailer! And it looks gnarly as hell!

By now, I’m sure you’ll have heard the premise, but it is too fun not to type out. Basically, it’s You’re Next with alligators. A young woman returns to her childhood home to evacuate her father before a hurricane. But lo! The storm comes, and with it, hungry, supernaturally-smart alligators who trap the family and then commence to chompin’ everyone in the general vicinity.

I know it is kind of popular to shit on Aja’s work now, but this all proves he’s still got some gas in the tank. He stages the whole affair in an uncomfortably small space but makes it work. This also looks gleefully nasty, which is always something you want to see from a big, pulpy premise like this.

I dunno. Maybe it will end up being a let down, but this is a really fun trailer. Let’s hope the movie is just as fun. What do you think? Are these actually crocodiles, and I just don’t know? Why doesn’t Aja make more movies? Let us know in the comments below.

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