Halloween is firmly in the rearview mirror, and the Winter Holiday spending season is firmly in everyone’s sights. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your love of horror into the holiday gift-giving season. We have collected some of the best gifts for even the most hardcore of horror fans.


The Walking Dead

Know someone who loves the TV show? Perhaps they are one of the many who have dropped off in the last few seasons? Why not try to reignite the love for the show with the comic that started it all? Sure, the original number one issue is probably out of your price range, but the recently-finished series has most of the series in volumes already.

Buy The Walking Dead: Compendium One here.


The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History

Have a horror fan who is also interested in the history of the industry? This book is perfect for them. The Art of Horror collects images and focuses on how the industry has presented itself over the years. This book is filled with quotes and images from artists, writers, and filmmakers. This book serves as an ode to the classics while documenting changes over the years.

Buy The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History on Amazon here.


How to Survive a Horror Movie: All the Skills to Dodge the Kills

Ever worry about what would happen if you found yourself in the middle of a horror movie? Wonder if you have the skills to survive past the first murderous rampage of the movie’s killer? Well, have no fear: Seth Grahame-Smith is here to help. The author of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter takes a close look at what skills you need to survive the ax-wielding maniac terrorizing your sleepy little town.

Buy How to Survive a Horror Movie on Amazon here!


Godzilla: The Showa-era Films 1954-1975

While not your typical horror movie, we could not pass up mentioning this collection for the fans of Monster movies. This set collects 15 of the classics and remasters them into Blu-ray quality. The deluxe set includes a hardcover book that contains notes and illustrations about the films.

Buy the Godzilla: Showa-era Films at Criterion Collection now!



Jordan Peele follows up hit Get Out with another original horror movie. In US, Adelaide Wilson returns to a beachfront vacation home where she grew up. Remembering a childhood trauma, she becomes concerned that something terrible is going to happen.

Buy US on Blu-Ray/DVD or 4k on Amazon here.


The Shining Apollo Sweater

Want to freak out your friends and neighbors? What better way than to have your child show up at the holiday party in this sweater? One that matches Danny’s from The Shining.

Order The Shining Apollo Sweater on Etsy — remember the sweater is made to order!


Stephen King FRIENDS Mug

Looking for the perfect gift for that office mate who can’t stop talking about the latest Stephen King movie or book? Why not gift them this coffee mug that features the King of Horror himself sitting at the table with four of his most famous characters.

Buy the Stephen King FRIENDS mug on Amazon now.


Horror Icon Ornaments

What better way to add a little creepy to your Christmas spirit than these handcrafted Christmas Ornaments? New to 2019, you can choose between Michael Myers, Leatherface, Jigsaw, or Sam.

Pre-order the Horror XMAS – Ornaments by TheDarkestHour on Etsy!


Zombie Head Salt and Pepper Shaker

Everyone knows that the holiday season is filled with parties. Many of them have a theme: Ugly Sweater, White Elephant, etc. Why not embrace your inner horror fan and throw a horror-themed dinner? Of course, this Zombie head salt and pepper shaker drives home the point.

Buy the Zombie Head Salt and Pepper Shakers by Ebros Gift now on Amazon!


Slasher Movie Hand-towel 

What better gift for the person who prefers to curl up in the winter months with a good slasher rather than a cheesy home-for-Christmas Hallmark movie?

Buy the Slasher Movie Hand-towel on Etsy now.


Uncle Fester Lamp

Fan of the classic Addams Family? Light up your home with this functioning lamp modeled after Uncle Fester’s favorite party trick. This functional lamp is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Pre-order the Uncle Fester Lamp from SimplyWickedDecor now on Etsy!




Jack Torrance Funko

Funko is known for its Pop figures. Recently, they have started to release a new line called their 5-star figures. These are more detailed and often come with accessories for the figures. The frustrated author comes with both his typewriter and the iconic axe. Perfect for any fan of the classic movie.

Buy the Jack Torrance Funko on Amazon.


Super Cute Plush: Pennywise

What better way to spend a cold winters night than cuddled up with this plush of the murderous clown?

Buy the Super Cute Plush: Pennywise (That’s super cute) on Amazon now.



Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down

Sure, you cannot and probably would not want to visit the Upside Down in real life. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it is LEGO form. This Lego set comes in at just over 2,000 pieces. This set is perfect for any fan of the show.

Buy the Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down set on Amazon.




Finally, maybe you like to gift yourself or your family a trip for the holidays. Sure you could go to Disney World, or travel to the beach, or maybe even travel around the world. But a true horror family would relish the chance to spend the night at the hotel in which The Shining was filmed. The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado. While the hotel focuses on it’s proximity to various national parks, they do occasionally host events related to the movie and the lore around it.