Horror’s answer to Blade Runner to recieve another cut.

Clive Barker’s cult classic Nightbreed (1990) has gone through a few re-generations over the years. There have been multiple cuts after it’s botched theatrical release. There have been comics. And even a goddamn TV show in production at SyFy!

Well, prepare your nerves for even more! Bloody Disgusting has announced that a whopping THREE HOUR cut of the movie is being assembled by our goth daddy as we speak! Quoting the master from his own Clive Barker Podcast (which we all highly recommend for Barker cultists), this new cut is reportedly a full hour longer than the Scream Factory Director’s Cut and 30 minutes longer than the Seraphim-released “Cabal Cut” (which is my personal fave cut).

Not only is the film that much longer but it will also reportedly be loaded with never-before-seen footage. No word yet on a time frame for release. That aside, I am very excited about this prospect. Nightbreed has always been one of the great curiosities of horror. I’m anxious to see both the new footage and the reworking of the film overall.

But what about you? Any Nightbreed fans out there? What’s your favorite monster from it, and why is it Dirk Lylesberg? Let us know in the comments below!