CBS All Access’ flagship show Star Trek: Discovery sets a course for a third season with a new commanding officer.

Hey! It’s Ya Boi! The Guy Who Has Entirely Too Many Feelings and Thoughts About Star Trek!

But seriously, I really adore Star Trek: Discovery and have been slowly infecting the Chief Insha toward the fandom as well. So imagine my delight when Entertainment Weekly broke the news that DISCO and all the wonderful cuties found therein would be returning for a third season!

Not only that but also with a new showrunner too! Michelle Paradise, formerly of the CW’s The Originals and Hart of Dixie, will now be co-showrunning starting with S3 alongside Alex Kurtzman. Paradise joined the show at the midpoint of this current season and apparently made a big splash with the show’s boss.

The drama surrounding the show’s head writer troubles have been well documented at this point, but I am very glad that despite that, CBS All Access continues to have faith in the show. And they really should! It’s fantastic, despite what some purists will tell you, and has only gotten better in its second series (which Insha still has yet to watch but will eventually and she will cry like me).

But what about you nerds?! Are you watching DISCO? Are you in love with Tilly like we are? Let us know in the comments below.