Ta-Nehisi Coates – Known for his journalistic and prose work, Coates began writing Black Panther in 2016 and Captain America in 2018. He’s received an Eisner for Black Panther: World of Wakanda (with Roxane Gay and Alitha E. Martinez) in 2018. He’s recently written The Water Dancer, a fictional book about a superhuman who possesses a photographic memory and able to transport people.

Christopher Priest – Priest’s 1990s run on Black Panther, served as the source material for the 2018 Black Panther movie. Recently, he helped to relaunch Quantum & Woody for Valiant Comics and Vampirella for Dynamite. 

Vita Ayala – Ayala, a non-binary writer, has been killing it in comics since their debut. Their work includes The Wilds (Black Mask), James Bond (Dynamite), and the upcoming Children of the Atom comic from Marvel Comics. 

Johnnie Christmas – Writer and illustrator whose work includes creator-owned titles Firebug (Image Comics), Angel Catbird (Dark Horse), and Tartarus (Image Comics)

Roxane Gay – Roxane Gay, just like Coates, is best known for her prose and journalism work. However, she’s had her hand at writing comics, including the short-lived Black Panther: World of Wakanda, Gay recently wrote The Banks, which was published by TKO Studios. 

Bryan Edward Hill – Started his career writing Witchblade for Top Cow comics. Hill has had a plethora of series that he has written through the years, including Killmonger, Batman and the Outsiders, Cyberforce, and many more. His most recent work in comics was American Carnage for the now-defunct Vertigo Comics. 

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Spider-Man, Miles Morales (Marvel) – Miles Morales stole our hearts in the hit movie Into the Spider-Verse, but his comic history goes much deeper. Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sarah Pichelli in 2011, Miles has become all but synonymous with Spider-Man.

Black Lightning (DC Comics) – Jefferson Pierce hit comic book stands in 1977 and has been a mainstay in DC Comics ever since. Recently, The CW has added Black Lightning to its Arrowverse line-up, which follows a father trying to navigate his marriage, his two growing daughters, and keeping the streets safe for his beloved Freeland.

Killadelphia (Image Comics) – Created by Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander, Image Comic’s Killadelphia tells the story of a second-generation detective who gets more than he bargained for when investigating the murder of his father. Come for the vampires; stay for the difficult relationship between father and son.

Bitter Root (Image Comics) – Also from Image Comics, Bitter Root tells the story of a monster-hunting family with a 1920s, Harlem Renaissance backdrop. The story perfectly balances horror, adventure, humor, and doesn’t shy away from taking knocks at the Klan while they’re at it. David F. Waller, Chuck Brown, and Sanford Greene’s ongoing series is sure to please and educate with wonderful back-issue material.

Abbott (BOOM! Studios) – Boom! Studios teams up with Saladin Ahmed, artist Sami Kivelä, and colorist Jason Worde to bring us the story of Elena Abbott, a tabloid reporter who gets caught up in investigating disappearances in 1970s Detroit. One part noir, one part horror, this limited series is sure to amaze and disgust you all at once in the best possible way.

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