Director: Fabrício Bittar
Writers: Fabrício Bittar, Andre Catarinacho, Danilo Gentili
Stars: Dani Calabresa, Léo Lins, Danilo Gentili, Murilo Couto
Language: Portuguese

“The power of friendship gave them the courage to face the unknown, and together they will prove to the world that ghosts do exist and need to be chased.”

Ghost Killers VS. Bloody Mary tells the story of a team of paranormal investigators on a mission at a haunted high-school in Brazil. This team — composed of Caroline (Dani Calabresa), Fred (Léo Lins), Jack (Danilo Gentili), and Túlio (Murilo Couto) —  is known for their popular YouTube channel in which they “solve” (not so real) cases involving supernatural beings. However, when they get a call about a supposedly real case involving a Bloody Mary-esque spirit that haunts a school bathroom, they can’t resist the opportunity to make some cash and gain some serious exposure in the process.

Comedy horror is a genre that is difficult to do really well. Oftentimes, films lean too heavily on the comedic aspects and, as a result, the actual fear factor is lost. That is not the case with Ghost Killers VS. Bloody Mary. It is a comedy horror masterpiece, and I do not say that lightly. The first smart move that the film makes is giving us a diverse, fun group of paranormal investigators. Right from the start, we care about them. Each of their personalities is distinct, but not once do they feel like stock members of a team. And their chemistry is hard to beat. From the team to the other people involved in the film, everyone just seems to be having a ton of fun, so it’s hard not to have a great time as a viewer!

The spectacular balance between humor and horror is consistent throughout the film. The humor operates on multiple levels: there is the team’s confusion over what is real and what is fake; the abundance of Easter eggs (e.g. “If you had heard it [his plan] in Stranger Things, you’d think it’s genius”); the potty humor (e.g. there is literal demonic shit); the over-the-top theatricality (e.g. exploding heads); and the movie’s extreme quotability (e.g. “Go transmit STDs to Satan!”). And with all of that, it’s still flipping scary. There is possession, jump scares, cannibalism, and the Bloody Mary figure is actually really full-on creepy.
The soundtrack deserves mention here, as well, because it helps to cement this balance as it elevates the horror and comedy factors at different points. In a film of consistently great stuff, one of the smartest moves Ghost Killers VS. Bloody Mary does is to escalate the situation pretty fast. Nothing is worse than sitting down to watch a horror movie only to watch 90 minutes of “setting the stage” and 15 minutes of action. Here, we meet the characters, they get the call, the mission at the school begins, and by the end they figure out how to “kill” the ghost. It has a clear narrative arc. And it’s brilliant. From the fantastic cast to the fun jump scenes to the humorous writing, Ghost Killers VS. Bloody Mary is comedy horror at its finest.

The North American premiere of Ghost Killers VS. Bloody Mary took place at the Cinepocalypse Film Festival on Saturday, June 15, @9:30pm CST. The Cinepocalypse Film Festival ran from June 13 to 20, 2019, at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. More information can be found here.

Ghost Killers VS. Bloody Mary


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