Creepshow is pretty much a cornerstone movie for me. It is pretty safe to assume that it is for y’all too. So, naturally, odds are we are all kinda dubious about the prospect of a remake or reboot, right?

Well, ghouls, never fear because I have the privilege, nay the HONOR, of reporting that though Creepshow is getting a reboot, it is in arguably the best hands possible.

In a press release, none other than SHUDDER, the AMC Networks’ tremendously fun and worth-it streaming service, has announced it is bringing back the anthology series. Not only that, but they are hauling up the old bones of the monstrous “Host” The Creep! Revealed below having just haunted the spinner-rack for the newest issue.

But it gets. Even. Fucking. Better, y’all.

This press release also lets loose a whole heap of details about the first season! Starting that the first episode will be based on Ol’ Stevie King’s 1973 short story“Grey Matter,” famously included in Night Shift! AND it’s gonna be directed by series showrunner GREG NICOTERO! And will star genre heavy-hitters like Giancarlo Esposito (GUS FRING!), Tobin Bell (JIGSAW!), and the one, the only Adrienne Barbeau (a literal fucking Queen).

Beyond the first episode, the first season looks to consistently scare the hell out of us. They’ve secured the rights to stories from Joe Hill (one of his BEST in my humble opinion), Bruce Jones, ROB SCHRAB, creator of Scud: The Disposable Assassin, and the Lansdale Family for a whopping 12 episode first season.

It is almost TOO much, right? But what do you think, creeps? Is THIS what will finally make you join the Cult of Shudder? What other modern shorts should they adapt? Let us know in the comments below.